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Your website must be visually compelling and convincing, and lead viewers to take your desired action.

Many of today’s websites are like the news anchor on the old Mary Tyler Moore Show. Ted Baxter was handsome with a deep voice. But he was all show and no substance.

In the same way, many web design companies today will do a quick build that looks great on a desktop. But it might not be mobile-friendly, or isn’t easily customizable by you, the client.

Being mobile friendly, or mobile responsive, is more important every day, as more web users use smartphones and tablets. Today, about seven in ten Americans use some form of mobile technology. A Pew Internet survey showed that about a third of American users surveyed said they use mobile as their primary way to access the web. A ComScore study found that 46 percent of shoppers reported that they exclusively use their mobile device as a pre-purchase research tool for local products and services.

And yet, only six percent of small to medium-sized businesses have mobile-optimized websites, according to a recent study by the online marketer Hibu.

It may be time to revamp your website design.

Is your website mobile-responsive?

Many website services promise that their sites are “mobile friendly.” But what does that mean? Sometimes they want you to make another page, one specifically for mobile. That’s confusing when it comes to updates. And are they truly responsive? A website that is responsive is one that resizes images, menus and other items to make everything fit in a screen of any size.

Do you want a site that attracts clients and donors?

You want your website to attract and engage others. Do your pages explain clearly who you are? Do you have a way to entice and capture names and emails? A way to make it easy to communicate with you? We not only design a pretty website for you, but will make sure all your marketing bases are covered.

We’ve identified five essential elements of websites. They must be: 1) Attractive, 2) Relevant and meet the client’s needs or wants, 3) Unique and/or personal, 4) Provide an easy way to contact you, and 5) Technically good, which means mobile responsive, and SEO-enabled.

We will give you a free, 15-minute marketing intelligence audit of your site on the phone. We’ll explain your site’s weak spot and how to fix it. Call the number at the top of this page.

Our unique skills include the technical aspects of doing on-page SEO, as well as designing landing pages that automatically deliver a free white paper and put your new prospect’s name on your newsletter list. All of this happens behind the scenes.

When our team designs your website, it will have a clean and elegant look, one that is mobile-responsive, and one designed to win sales for your company.

Strengths of our website design:

  • Personal service, with CEO Kevin Banet coordinating the site design with you.
  • Mobile-friendly, with genuine responsive design. Looks good on all devices.
  • WordPress Content Management Service (CMS), which allows you to make changes to the site from any computer with a password.
  • Our site designer lives in the U.S., and he and Kevin review with you the website via a Skype video call, so we are all speaking the same language, and there’s no loss in communication.

Other features that we include:

  • A blog, if you want one.
  • Social media icons, and Facebook, Discus, or other comment service capability.
  • Capability for payment integrations, such as with PayPal, Compuwerx, or Woo Commerce.
  • Backup software.
  • On-page SEO.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • Monthly visitor analytics report sent to you.
  • Our own Malware Armor Plan™ to protect your site from malware.
  • Your website is yours. We even give you cpanel access.

Improve your business today with a new or upgraded website. Call us at the number at the top of the screen, or send us an email below.

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