Pay-per-click ads are a great way to bring in new names and sales

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Find what’s best for you — Google or Facebook ads

Pay-per-click is for the quick

Somewhere along your marketing journey you will consider pay-per-click ads. The advantage of paid ads is that they bring in prospects and customers quickly rather than relying on word of mouth. You must also have essential parts in place, such as the correct audience targeting, a landing page, and a good offer.

The two giants of pay-per-click advertising today of course are Google and Facebook. Google is for people who are further along in the buying cycle.

Google’s users are ready to buy

They are searching for your product. They may have to gather information first, but they are close to buying.

Facebook — passive advertising

It’s been said that Facebook is for people who want to waste time. Thus, advertising there is passive. But Facebook ads can be targeted in a way that Google cannot. You can target soccer moms with children under ten. Facebook gathers information not only from its own members’ behavior and stated interests, but from at least three large data collecting companies. That means credit card purchases and public records. So if your customers or clients are the kind that you need to cultivate, Facebook is the way to go. Not every business can benefit from Facebook ads, but every nonprofit can.

You probably know that Facebook is the new kid on the block among the two. Their ad platform is constantly being developed, with new features coming out every few weeks.

The little-known landing page

Whether Google or Facebook, the ads themselves are only part of your pay-per-click strategy. One of the biggest mistakes among businesses is that their ads click to the home page of their website, or a page that only distracts the prospect. A landing page, also called a capture page, specifically made for your sales purpose is needed to receive the ad clicks. The landing page clearly displays your phone number and has a contact form. As soon as your prospect hits submit, you receive an email, to which you should respond as soon as possible.

A good offer must be made in your ad strategy, too. And finally, there must be a consistency between the ads and the landing page so that you carry out what you promise.

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