Email Marketing

Are you following what’s essential in email marketing?

Email marketing means, “The money is in the list”

Email marketing is even faster than airmail.

Air flight for the U.S. mail was revolutionary, and so is email marketing.

Email has been around a long time and is often scorned as being “old school.” But did you know that many marketers agree that it is one of the most effective means of getting new sales?

Every business has a client list, and yet how often do they keep up with their clients? A newsletter at least once a month keeps your name top of mind for them. It also helps in cross-selling your current clients, and reminding dormant clients that you are still around and would like to do business with them again.

Finally, you can grow your email list by offering freebies like cheat sheets, posters and ebooks.

Are you following what’s essential in email marketing?

  • Growing a list of good prospects.
  • Writing drop-dead subject lines and headlines. The subject line is crucial.
  • Addressing interests through list segmentation. Not everyone is interested in everything you do.
  • Talking about their problems, and not your products.
  • Getting inside your prospects’ heads and hearts. Do you really know what they want?
  • Using gimmicks such as free courses, white papers, posters, screen savers, to grow your list.
  • Following up your “opens” with individual emails and sales calls.

Email marketing seems deceptively simple. “I can write. I know my product,” you say.

Yes, but do you get around to doing it?

Do you send newsletters regularly? Do you make it easy on your website and Facebook page to sign up for your newsletter?

Do you have the know-how of writing compelling copy and developing a freebie?

Do you know how to put together a Facebook ad or Google ad for a free item, and then setting up a landing page to capture their information and automatically send them the item?

We here at TreeFrogClick can write your newsletters, set up a list growth program, and put signup forms on your website and Facebook page. Let us make it easy for you.

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