Our Approach

It’s all about holistic marketing

Do you find yourself saying, “I’ll try social media to help my marketing… maybe I’ll take out some ads, too. Or change my website.”

Are you bamboozled by all the options out there?

Yes, these systems work, but how do you integrate them so that they bring in the most, and best, clients and customers? How much effort should you place in each channel? How do you make sure your marketing system is a seamless sales funnel that works?

The first thing to consider is your business or nonprofit’s unique selling proposition, or USP.  What about your service is unique among others? That makes you stand out? Is it your personal service? Your nearby location? Your niche-centered approach?

Your sales funnel

We work with you to answer these questions. Then we develop your sales funnel, or the way you get clients or customers. There is a definite pattern of attraction, trust, involvement, and action. What is your ideal customer? Your target audience?

Here is the TreeFrogClick advantage: We work holistically in that we make sure that the elements of marketing mentioned above are working – attraction, trust, involvement, and action. These elements should be present in each marketing channel, whether it be a website, newsletter or pay-per-click ads. You may want to take advantage of pay-per-click advertising. You may want to keep in touch with your clients with email marketing. Or you may want to make sure you have a mobile-friendly website.

As we develop a marketing strategy for you, we develop and enhance your unique brand. This is the way your customers and prospects perceive and find value in what you do.

Thus, we do more than just sell you a website or a social media program. We first understand what you do and then find the best way to promote it.

And all of this works with nonprofits as well as businesses.

How we work with you

We begin by getting to know you and your company, or nonprofit. We learn what you’ve done, as well as what your competition is doing. We suggest a marketing strategy for you.

In our work, we offer pilot projects, as well as monthly promotion campaigns. You might want to try us first for a project here and there to see results before proceeding. We won’t pressure you into building a large project unless we are convinced that it will bring you a return on investment. For example, we have even discouraged clients from revamping their website in exchange for stepping up their prospect base.

Who works well with us? We at TreeFrogClick are well suited to work with professionals such as lawyers, accountants, dentists, doctors, realtors, chiropractors, and insurance agents. We can also work with plumbers, electricians, roofers, contractors, and other service professionals. Your outreach could be local, such as in the Chicago area, national, or international.

On the nonprofit side, we can work with humanitarian concerns, professional associations, and children’s outreaches, among others. We also have a lot of experience with Catholic nonprofits.

Your best marketing strategy is one that is uniquely suited to you and your business or nonprofit. We respect that, and we strive to make it work in the best way possible.

Another advantage of TreeFrogClick is that you’ll work with CEO Kevin Banet, who will oversee every aspect of your project. He answers his phone and will make sure your concerns are being taken care of. He typically works with an assistant who will do much of the heavy lifting of your project. Overall, you’ll get the kind of personal service that larger agencies often lack.

We look forward to working with you. Call us at the number at the top of this page, or contact us through the form below.

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“Hire this man!”

The work Kevin did for us exceeded my expectations for more reasons than one:

  1. It is very difficult to even find a web guy that answers his phone.  Kevin always answered and returned messages within the hour.
  2. Web guys always seem to need you to babysit the project.  Kevin never waited for me to call, he was always communicating making sure I was pleased.
  3. Web guys are often over priced and full of excuses. From my first conversation with Kevin he never exceeded our contracted agreement and went beyond the call of duty to fulfill my expectations.

Hire this man for your next web project!

— Jake MacAuley, about work done for the Sons of Liberty