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Would St. Paul use the internet today?

To spread the Gospel, St. Paul used the communication technology of his day – letters written on parchment or papyrus that were circulated to cities. Today, Catholic marketing involves the current technological methods, and that includes the internet. Websites and social media are becoming increasingly available to everyone around the globe.

Would St. Paul use the internet if he were alive today? We think he would.

And yet, many Catholic organizations are woefully behind in their use of today’s electronic media. As a result, their effectiveness is threatened. Isn’t it time to bring your marketing methods up to speed?

Maybe it’s time to boost your Catholic marketing.

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Here is what recent popes and the Second Vatican Council have said about the use of the media and the internet:

Pope Francis

“The internet can help us to be better citizens. Access to digital networks entails a responsibility for our neighbour whom we do not see but who is nonetheless real and has a dignity which must be respected. The internet can be used wisely to build a society which is healthy and open to sharing.”

2016 World Communications Day

Pope Benedict XVI

“The accessibility of mobile telephones and computers, combined with the global reach and penetration of the internet, has opened up a range of means of communication that permit the almost instantaneous communication of words and images….”

— 2009 World Communications Day

Pope St. John Paul II

“We must enter into this modern and ever more replete communications network with realism and confidence, convinced that, if it is used with competence and conscientious responsibility, it can offer useful opportunities for spreading the Gospel message.”

— 2002, Internet: A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel

Vatican II

The document Inter Mirifica said that the Church recognizes that if properly utilized, the press, TV, radio, movies and other media,

“…can be of great service to mankind, since they greatly contribute to men’s entertainment and instruction as well as to the spread and support of the Kingdom of God.”

— 1963, Inter Mirifica

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