Finding Good Religious Candidates

Come & See Vocation Program

Catholic religious communities are always talking about the best way to attract vocations.

But how successful has the internet been used for this purpose?

Three postulants of a religious community using TreeFrogClick's recruitment program.

Three postulants of a religious community using TreeFrogClick’s recruitment program.

We at TreeFrogClick can find vocation candidates with our Come & See Vocation Program.

The Come & See Program both finds candidates and develops their interest over a period of time. The program uses internet ads and a customized quiz to attract young single devout Catholics who may have a religious or consecrated vocation.

After finding candidates, the program sends them email newsletters which helps them discern their vocation, instructs them about religious/consecrated life, and informs them of the charism and apostolate of a given community.

Our system has been in use since 2013. We use the latest internet techniques. We believe it is unique in the Catholic world.

(See how the Come & See Program is explained below by TreeFrogClick president Kevin Banet.)


There are three unique aspects about our program that differentiate it from all other programs that we know of:

1. First of all, the names you get are for you only; they are not shared with anyone else. These candidates have responded to ads with your name and images on them.

2. Secondly, our ads are highly targeted. We advertise only to those within a certain age range, those who are single men or women, who are likely to be practicing Catholics, and who are from the United States. With these safeguards, you don’t get an overwhelming number of the wrong candidates.

3. Thirdly, we work with our own proprietary target list of more than two million devout Catholics, developed over years of research. We target only those who have shown they have an interest and practice of the Catholic faith. Thus, our system stands out from approaches that use search ads, generic ads on Catholic websites, or printed ads.

Our initial quiz probes a number of interests and capabilities, including candidates’ practice of the faith, whether they have thought about consecrated life, and so on. We can also filter out those with certain personal problems.

The second part of the program involves an email newsletter service, in which we regularly send newsletters to these candidates to inform them of the consecrated life, and develop their interest in your community. These newsletters are custom-written for your community.

We have found that it’s not enough simply to find names of candidates. You have to educate these people, and keep your name in front of them so that when they decide to enter religious/consecrated life, your community is top of mind.

Steady stream of candidates

Quiz example for vocation promotion

Our Quiz Technology engages the candidates as well as filters out the best ones.

We ask you to talk to us today about the Come & See Vocation Program, and bring in a steady stream of good candidates to your community. Why not make this part of your new vocation effort, and storm heaven with prayers? Prepare yourself for a renewal in your community!

Our system is ever-evolving, keeping up with the latest internet trends and techniques. We are always fine-tuning it to make it serve you better.

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What others are saying

“Kevin, of the eight girls who came to the retreat, one girl came from the recent Quiz Info. And three others came because even though they took the quiz two years ago, they kept receiving the newsletters!!! Good job, thanks!” — Sr. Jeanette, vocation director, Mercedarian Sisters, Cleveland, OH

“We have several in California that we’re keeping touch with, and several in the Midwest.” — Sr. Catherine, Servants of Mary vocation director, Kansas City, upon completion of the initial Come & See Quiz.

“Actually I have a young man here [this weekend] who came to us through it.” (Come & See Quiz) — Men’s order in the East

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