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We really shouldn't give all these secrets away...

How we boosted our newsletter open rate 15%

Want to get 75 or 150 more people to open your newsletter? Quick — which of the the three newsletter subject lines below do you think would bring in the best response? You’ll find the **4 top marketing methods** with our new website! A-h-h-h… Our new website’s awesome video waterfall! Design explosion! Our new website’s awesome video waterfall! If you guessed #3, you are right. We at TreeFrogClick sent out this newsletter recently. The letter was the same. Only the subject line that people see in their email program was different. Here is the open rate for these newsletters: 40% 40% 55% As you can see, we got a 15% bump for the best of three subject lines. This A/B test confirms the results of a 16% increase several weeks ago that we got when we wrote two subject lines. What can a 15% lift do for your business or nonprofit? If you have 500 names, it means 75 more people will open your newsletter. That’s good news, isn’t it? One thousand names means 150 more people. It pays to spend a little time to come up with different subject lines. Make them different from each other, but they should still relate to the newsletter content. MailChimp makes it easy for you. Just a few weeks ago, they added the third subject line option. What’s my line? Many businesses and nonprofits overlook the importance of writing a good subject line for their newsletter. They think that their friends and clients will open them just because they like them. Not true. You have to entice people to open them. And the A/B tests don’t make you... read more

Digital explosion! Our new website design’s awesome home-page video

Every few years a website design explodes with new features that make you say, “Wow… awesome!” And with today’s websites you have the opportunity to display an auto-loading video on your home page, along with fade-in icons and other cool features. Go to our home page and let me know what you think of the waterfall video. We here with our website at TreeFrogClick decided to use some of these features, as well as the new “big screen” display, which shows very well on a mobile device. We also got personal and told how we chose the name “TreeFrogClick,” as well as our tag line “The heart of digital marketing.” I also wrote my story of how my teenage hobbies led to a career that combined journalism, art and technology. Read on the same page, “From Morse Code to Marketing.” It narrowed our focus As a matter of fact, one benefit of making the website was that it forced me to narrow down what we do here to four practice areas. Here you’ll find what you can do with a new site: Website Design – want to wow your audience? Social Media Marketing – many businesses and all nonprofits need this Pay-Per-Click Ads – the quick way to gain followers & sales Email Marketing – your best audience of customers and prospects If I may boast, over the last year or two we have fine-tuned our expertise and skills in the above four areas. And and we’ve developed a top-notch staff in carrying out our work. If you’ve worked with us at TreeFrogClick, you might be aware of our work in just one... read more

One web upgrade benefit that you’ve probably missed

How long has it been since you redesigned your website? Do you still have the old static-page site that looked good ten years ago? I’m sure you’ll agree that there are lots of advantages when you upgrade your website: A new, more up-to-date look. A more technologically-current functionality, such as being mobile-friendly. A site that’s more finely tuned to your evolving business services. But one feature that is often overlooked, especially to the services professional. A new site gives you a real sense of confidence when you present yourself to others. Next to your logo itself, your website is the most important component of your marketing plan. When you get a great-looking website – one that’s mobile responsive – it gives you a boost to your self confidence the next time you hand out your business card. I know, that’s the way I feel, now that we’ve rolled out our new website here at TreeFrogClick. Up to snuff I have a good feeling, knowing that the look of the site is up to current trends, with a big splashy image plastered over the home page. There’s also a clear explanation of the various services we have. These services are also neatly listed under our Products tab. The site has original artwork, but we didn’t overdo it. Making the new website forced me to rethink and clarify the services we offer here at TreeFrogClick. So it sharpens your marketing mojo as well. Your website is a hub around which all the other marketing components revolve. These planets around the sun are: your Facebook page, other social media outreaches, newsletter, pay-per-click program, and YouTube channel... read more

Fund appeal success story: How an A/B test exploded our email opens

Below is a fund raising letter that we recently wrote for Home to Enhance African Life. We did an A/B test on the subject line, and did a quick test between two subject lines. The result was that the line, “The childhood trip that stretched my mind to Africa,” brought in a 16% higher open rate. So that was used for the bulk of the mailing. Even though the list size was small, we got our first donation within 24 hours.  I had never seen people like this…. We’ve all heard about the unfortunate shootings in Charleston recently where Christians were killed in church. Sometimes you learn things at an early age that sheds light on the whole matter. When I was a boy, maybe five, while on a trip with my family, I stared out of the car window in disbelief. We had been driving through Louisville, KY a few miles from home. I saw something that shocked me – black people on the streets. I had never seen black people before. “What made them black?” I asked in my innocence. Different, but the same Part of being a Christian is learning that everyone in the world forms the human family. Christianity is a religion suited for people of all cultures, places and times. One of the hot spots of Christian growth in the world today is Africa. Missionaries sent there years ago from Europe and the United States sowed the seeds of faith. Those seeds are now bearing great fruit. One man who is part of that growth is Leo Okonkwo, who founded a religious community in Nigeria called Messengers of Justice,... read more

MailChimp enhances its email marketing mixup

For a while, we here at TreeFrogClick have been choosing MailChimp for our marketing clients rather than Constant Contact, the granddaddy of email marketing.  Not only is MailChimp free for the first two thousand emails per month, but they have several features that, the last time I checked, Constant Contact did not. One of those features that I really like is the A/B test. With this kind of test, you can send out three different versions of your newsletter, and the software automatically finds out early in the campaign which one is pulling better. Then it sends it to the rest of the list using the variation that won. Smart, huh? On one campaign for a client some time ago, we were able to get a two or three percent bump in one subject line compared to the other. If you have only five hundred addresses, that’s ten to fifteen more people who will read your newsletter. Not a bad improvement for almost no extra effort. Newsletters, and a Mad Man Subject lines for example, are important. The legendary advertising expert David Ogilvy says he wrote eighteen headlines for a single ad before settling on one. Just think if he could, back in the 1960s, test and deliver all in one campaign. And now, MailChimp has just rolled out a new and improved A/B testing platform that lets you experiment with content in any campaign to discover the products or services your customers love. You can swap photos, trade text, and deliver multiple versions to learn more about what’s engaging to your subscribers—and see what gets the best results. You can set it up for... read more

Google’s “mobilegeddon” has changed the search landscape

Has your website disappeared from the top of Google searches on mobile devices? Google’s new search algorithm, informally called mobilegeddon, is a sea-change for businesses and nonprofits who want to be found by searches. Released in April, the new algorithm means is that websites that are not mobile responsive (mobile friendly) will be ranked lower on Google’s search on mobile devices. SearchEngineLand reported that non-mobile-friendly sites in general are being negatively affected. This is devastating for any website that displays poorly on mobile browsers. Searches for your product or service could be pushed off page one and replaced by your competitors. To check how your website looks on a mobile device, use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. If your website passes the test, you will be told, “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly,” as we were recently. Another good test is MobileTest.Me, which we use when designing websites for our clients. Another consideration is that the trend is toward mobile devices, with as many as fifty percent of website visits occurring on them. This means that as time goes on, fewer people will be able to see an older website displayed adequately, and you will lose out to other organizations. We suggest that you upgrade your website if you have not done so recently. Call us at TreeFrogClick at the number at the top of this page, or contact us via... read more

Is Facebook a waste of time for nonprofits?

Are nonprofits wasting their time and efforts on Facebook promotion? With only two percent of Facebook posts getting shown to viewers, you might question if Facebook is worth it. Is it like maple seeds on a tree? Thousands fall to the ground, but only a few take root. Nonprofit writer Allyson Kapin comments on a new study conducted by Forrester that found that posts from top brands on Facebook and Twitter have an engagement rate of only 0.07%. “I would invest in increasing an organization’s email list over investing in Facebook ads or boosting posts or spending money on promoted Tweets in Twitter,” she said. I have two objections. First of all, what Allyson didn’t mention was that the more a reader responds to your posts, the more of your posts that person sees on their news feed. So if you have only a few enthusiastic fans, they respond to your posts, and in turn Facebook delivers your posts more often to that person. That’s a plus, right? Say, if you have one thousand fans, and only 50 of them are avid fans, that’s good, I think. But isn’t that how member loyalty goes? Most aren’t involved, and only a few carry the whole organization as activists, donors, volunteers, etc. If you send a mailed fund appeal to your own list and 5% respond, that’s not bad. Secondly, why throw the baby out with the bath water? Rather, use Facebook to build your email list. This can be done with both organic posts and paid ads asking for newsletter signups. The paid ads can be directed either to your... read more

Facebook fanatic, I’m not. Will their ads help me?

Fans, if you have a few minutes, let me know what’s on your mind re: online marketing. Here are some typical trouble areas. Tell me where you have a concern and I can find an article I’ve written about it. Just contact me about it. _ What’s better for me, Facebook or Google ads? _ How well does Facebook’s “boost” ad work? _ If I make a Facebook ad, where do I send people when they click? _ Are newsletters any good any more? _ I’m not a Facebook fanatic. Can Facebook ads help... read more
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