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Kevin J. Banet, founder, president

Kevin Banet

Kevin Banet, founder and CEO of TreeFrogClick marketing

Kevin Banet founded TreeFrogClick in 2002 by building website pages for Catholic organizations. Over the years, his work expanded to include businesses. Kevin’s efforts benefited from his experience working in the advertising department of the Chicago Sun-Times, as well as a working as a reporter for a Chicago suburban newspaper, the Sun Journal (now defunct).

Kevin’s background spans more than thirty years in marketing, journalism, public relations, print production, direct mail, website design and advertising. His expertise is in expanding and strengthening one’s client base for businesses and nonprofits. He does this with the use of internet methods, especially Facebook advertising and enewsletter systems.

Read about how Kevin developed an interest in both journalism and the technical fields at an early age.

Kevin works with other top-notch professionals in marketing and technical areas to bring you the best in your promotion efforts.

Make your marketing leap with TreeFrogClick

Today TreeFrogClick offers web design and lead generation with social media and pay-per-click ads. We understand that the whole purpose of an internet presence is to bring in new clients and strengthen relationships with existing ones. This holds true for both businesses and nonprofits. Read about how we approach a marketing strategy for you. For your marketing needs, call Kevin at the number at the top of the page, or complete the form in the right sidebar.

TreeFrogClick is based in the Oak Park/River Forest/Berwyn area of the western Chicago suburbs, and has done work for clients throughout the United States.

Why the name TreeFrogClick?

In a dense forest, the tree frog’s chirping can be heard, but it is not seen. This is like marketing. When done in a natural way, the client does not feel as if he has been “sold.” Another reason for the name is that a frog was featured in one of the favorite videos of founder Kevin Banet’s daughter when she was very young. The word click stands for a mouse click.

The TreeFrogClick team concentrates its efforts in these areas:

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