You will probably think I’m fibbing when you read this story…

But certain Facebook pay-per-click ads nowadays are having a phenomenal success.

They are called Lead Ads.

In November I crowed that our Facebook ad program got new leads for a client at $8 each. I thought that was good.

And then two weeks later the cost dropped to $1.55.

How much better can you get? How much will Facebook work so well that you feel like you are stealing the names?

But just this week, we are getting the names and street addresses of people responding to our ad for a prayer card for 59 cents each!

59 cents per lead ad graph

These are six Facebook ads, with the average per lead cost of 59 cents. The column with arrows on the left is where you download your leads.

Now, that’s not 59 cents per click – that’s 59 cents per name!

Fill your sales funnel

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could dump another two or three hundred names of new prospects into your sales funnel each month? If you are a nonprofit, these are potential donors. If you’re a business, they could eventually buy from you.

Why has the cost dropped so low from last month? Let’s compare the December results. When you exclude Canada and include only the U.S., the names were only $1.15 each. With this week’s campaign they are 59 cents – a price drop of almost one-half!

Why the lower cost now?

My thought is that people were too caught up with Christmas in early December. Too many parties, gift-buying, and religious events. Thus, there are times and seasons when your ad works well, and when it doesn’t.

Facebook’s Lead Ads

With this campaign, we are using a Facebook technique that is less than two years old – it’s called Lead Ads. The clever thing about it is that it captures personal information without the person having to leave Facebook. And it populates the signup form with the info that the person submitted when they signed up with Facebook.

So, there’s no need to even type in your name or address. This is especially helpful when you are on a mobile device (and when you have fat fingers). When the person sees the form, the info pops right in. They tap, and you’ve got ‘em.

Now, I’m not claiming that you will get the same results as we are this week. These were religious ads that featured a priest with such people as Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa. So the trust factor was high.

But you are bound to get some good leads that you can develop into paying customers or donors. Get going now while Facebook’s price is low.

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