Are odd characters often attracted to your religious community?

Why does it often seem that the person who has a troubled past, or who has difficulty socializing with others feels a certainty that he or she has a religious vocation?

I once heard the abbot of the Trappist monastery in Gethsemanie, Kentucky, explain the difficulty of vocations during a radio interview, “When someone knocks on our door, we always assume that it is for all the wrong reasons.”

This tongue-in-cheek comment takes me back to my years of living in a lay Dominican community. It seemed that there was a constant stream of men who seemed to be rolling stones looking for a hole to fit in. (I hope I wasn’t considered one of them, but maybe I fit the bill in some ways.)

The kind of men I’m talking about tended to be lone rangers. Their world might be one of inner anguish that they kept hidden away from others. Or maybe they just found a way to coast through their work and mooch off of others.

One of our TreeFrogClick religious clients offered the sage advice, “If you accept ‘A’ candidates, you will get more ‘A’ candidates. But if you accept ‘B’ candidates, you will get ‘C’ candidates.”

All I’m trying to say is that in my six years living in that community, I have a down-to-earth practical understanding of the troubles of finding one’s vocation, and of the difficulties on the part of a community in selecting the right ones.

I think I’ve been successful in using that to your benefit.

Internet technology and marketing knowledge is important in vocation work, but your promotion firm also needs an experiential knowledge of the world of vocations. With this background, we at TreeFrogClick serve our communities in the best way with our Come & See Vocation Assessment Program.

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