You’ve heard the question many times.

What’s the easiest way to get new business?

Go to your existing clients.

Of course, you could call up each of your clients and have a friendly conversation. But you can’t do that every week.

Why not send out an email newsletter?

It keeps your name in front of them.

I remember at a convention where a high muckety-muck from Constant Contact mentioned a study that showed that even those emails that don’t get opened have a positive effect among recipients.

When you send a friendly newsletter once or twice a month, it tells them two things: 1) you are still doing business, and 2) you want their business.

Humongous open rate

Just to find out if this is true, we here at TreeFrogClick looked back over recent client jobs. We found that of six such jobs, the average rate of opening newsletters among those clients in the previous seven months was 71%.

71% is huge. Most newsletter open rates are only 25% to 35%.

In other words, those who were opening our newsletters liked our stuff and wanted to do more business with us.

We had sent 14 campaigns, or newsletters, to these people during this time. The jobs we got were rebuilding websites, making ebooks, and doing newsletter and Facebook promotion.

Now, can you imagine how much of that work we would have gotten if we had not sent any newsletters? Probably nada.

Thus, new client work comes from your most avid subscribers.

You’ve been collecting emails from your client’s, haven’t you? (For shame if you haven’t!)

Do you want more work from your clients?

Use email marketing.

Why not ramp up your newsletter campaigns today?

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