It’s been said that Facebook will become the entire internet.

I don’t know if this will happen anytime soon. But it’s good to put a finger to the wind and be aware of recent advertising trends.

We at TreeFrogClick are seeing some mighty good results from our Facebook advertising for clients, with click costs from 19 to 50 cents each. And just recently we captured 390 names and addresses for one of our nonprofit clients for only $1.55 each using Facebook ads.

That’s a number that would make any fundraiser drool with delight.

Imagine – getting names of people with a religious interest with their names and addresses. They are highly qualified since we sent our ads to our proprietary list of devout Catholics.

We got the names and addresses of people from all over the country with an ad for a free prayer card. To get the prayer card, they had to give their name and address. They did it willingly because they trusted our ad. And Facebook makes it easy since their method automatically fills in the personal information that has already been submitted to Facebook.

This is the direction that advertising is going.

Online advertising by the two biggest players in the market is simply exploding. Google’s advertising business was up by 23 per cent in the first half of this year in the US, while Facebook’s grew by a whopping 68 per cent. These two giants are gaining market share against their smaller competitors. This is all against a backdrop of a 20% year-over-year increase in digital advertising spend in the U.S.

These were some of the numbers reported last week at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York City, as reported by The Australian.

(Note: We cannot guarantee the same results shown here for any given campaign. Each advertiser has its own market, and click cost is determined by competition for the same market.)

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