Do you get excited when you see a high “open” rate for your newsletter?

How does a 50% or 60% rate make you feel? Excited? Jumping for joy?

One of my most successful newsletters was my personal story, “The Day I Dissed a Billionaire.” It told the true story of how I, as a boy, made my friend upset after shrewdly dealing with him in giving him a job of shoveling snow for a neighbor. Years later he became a billionaire.

That newsletter sparked at least a 50% open rate. I got a few personal emails in response as well.

Wow. Made the day worth it.

Another way

There’s another way to get high open rates, too.

It’s called an autoresponder – a system that sends out one or more newsletters when triggered by a given event. The simplest kind of autoresponder – which MailChimp calls automation – is a way to welcome a new subscriber and capture their interest right away.

One type of this method is called the welcome autoresponder. This autoresponder is sent out automatically by your mail software when a subscriber signs up. The newsletter welcomes the person to the list, tells him or her what to expect, and reassures them that their privacy will be respected.

We here at TreeFrogClick often see a normal open rate of 25% spike up to 50% or more for our clients for the first welcome autoresponder. Of course the high rate doesn’t last forever. Buy why not take advantage of this great technique?

Why successful?

Why are autoresponders so successful?

Because your prospects have the most interest in your organization when they first sign up for your newsletter. They want to know more about you, and about what you do. They are hot, and you need to respond to them.

If you don’t have an autoresponder? If you typically send out a newsletter only once a month, a new subscriber will have to wait up to 29 days to get their first newsletter. Your lead has grown cold.

A good welcome autoresponder series consists of one, two, or three or more newsletters. We schedule them to send a few days apart from one another.

With autoresponders, you can strike while the iron is hot.

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