I thought my work stunk. But then I stumbled upon a few secrets.

Sometimes you know that your work just isn’t good enough.

This past weekend I restarted a Facebook ad campaign for one of our nonprofit clients. We were scouting for like-minded prospects whom we could nurture into donors. In the last campaign, we got names at $17 each in ad spend. Early returns on the new campaign showed names coming in at $20 each.

Kind of expensive.

Oh well, maybe our audience had too much Thanksgiving turkey this time and they just weren’t responding as well as before. Or they were distracted by all the black Friday hoopla.

Or maybe I wasn’t being honest with myself.

Off your duff

“Self,” I admitted. “You’re sitting on your duff.”

So I drilled down on this puppy, changed some pictures (photos get stale) and altered the ad text. I squeezed every drop of critical thought from my mind into what could be done to make this campaign really zing.

The results? So far we are getting new names at only half as much as before – $8 each. These aren’t just cold names of likely prospects. They are warm leads of people who have chosen to take a short quiz we designed that described facts about this nonprofit’s ministry to children.

I discovered several hot-button facts with such an ad campaign:

  1. Photos of people – especially close up – work better than diagrams or maps.
  2. A freebie helps. In this case our “10 Fun Facts” that we promised if the prospect took the quiz.
  3. Make the text relate to the picture.
  4. Less text is usually better.

Some of these pointers seem obvious, but advertising is really all about the obvious. And about not being satisfied with the mediocre.

If you’re hot about Facebook advertising, read our article from a few months ago, “Facebook ad revenue up 63%.”

(Just a friendly disclaimer – we here at TreeFrogClick cannot claim to get the same results for every nonprofit or business. And we must include our fee to the costs of course.)

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