facebook-logoYou may have heard the news recently¬†– Facebook’s ad revenue has leaped an astounding 63% in the second quarter of this year compared to a year ago.

And that, on the heals of the 57% increase in the first quarter.

At the same time, Facebook announced that they have developed the latest weapon in their ad arsenal – a way to get around ad-blocking software. But Facebook is playing smart – they’re honing their software to make sure that the ads you get are more relevant to your needs and interests.

My friends, there is an advertising revolution going on.
And how can you get in on it?

Here at TreeFrogClick we are developing a unique approach that takes advantage of the growing Facebook ad market. I want to share it with you so you will be on the cutting edge.

Lead generation with Facebook

It’s called Quiz Technology, and it involves capturing the names and contact information of prospects with the use of ads, quizzes, and newsletters. Now, I’ll admit that most people don’t like taking surveys. But they do like testing their own smarts, or aptitude in an area.

And how has it worked? For one of our clients, we just gathered the names of 119 young ladies who took a quiz asking if they are called to become a religious sister. When asked, 21 of them, or 16% said they’d like to become a religious sister.

What if you had a 16% success rate on your ad investment?

We are also seeing success for a similar men’s religious campaign that we’re running.

Our Quiz Technology goes way beyond religious questions. It can be used for all kinds of businesses. What we’re talking about is brand engagement and developing your prospects.

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