It works for business, too

Wouldn’t it be nice to really hit home with the readers of your newsletters?

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When you find what energizes your subscribers, you can reach them.

We at TreeFrogClick have been getting some good results from a newsletter that probes the “seven stages of discernment” among religious candidates. It’s a process that can be used by businesses as well who are looking for new customers.

Our newsletter, written for one of our religious clients, is based on the “Seven Stages of Discernment” developed by an experienced Catholic vocation director. Although the stages were originally written for priests, we have adapted it for religious communities of men and women.

“I am in stage three,” one respondent wrote. Another one was a reply of thanks. There have been two responses within the first twenty-four hours of the newsletter being sent to a rather small list.

The seven stages begin with the person’s initial thoughts that they might be called to the consecrated life. The stages cover periods of doubt and questions, as well as a growth in their faith. The seventh step is the novitiate, which is the first stage of religious life.

Start with your list

The first step to get this success is to build your mailing list. We have developed an online quiz called “Find Your Calling,” which probes candidates’ inclinations about the consecrated life, as well as their practice of the Catholic faith. We announce this quiz via ads sent on the internet to our proprietary list of young people who tend to be devout Catholics. Using online techniques, we can target our list toward those who are say, age 18 – 25 who tend to be practicing Catholics.

Those who take the quiz submit their email, and they are put on a newsletter list. Newsletters can then be sent out regularly.

One women’s community in the Midwest said about our Find Your Calling Quiz, “We have received a couple more very good candidates that we are arranging visits with. Thank you again.”

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