We nail three essential web components

Website visitors who come to the new site design of Home to Enhance African Life (HEAL) are treated to photos of crowds of happy children as well as a snazzy display of the latest visual effects in websites.

The website, at HealNigeria.org, features spin-around drop-down menus and float-up image headlines with different headlines and quotes for each of the home page slides. The site’s stunning black, orange and green color scheme make it stand out with beauty and boldness.

“I am very happy with the work Tree Frog Click, Inc. has done in the redesign of our website,” noted HEAL president Nick Costello. “Their creative input, skill in building websites, and genuine interest in and appreciation for our mission has resulted in a website that will positively impress visitors and turn them into supporters. We are very grateful for their service and help in our digital marketing efforts.”

The website, designed in the popular WordPress platform and launched June 17, displays the work of the Chicago-based ministry for the Mother Enabler Compassionate Home School for widows and orphans. Another part of the ministry is a new religious community, the Messengers of Justice. Both were founded by Deacon Leo Okonkwo, a Catholic priest-in-training whose work spans both Nigeria and Cameroon.

Three important features

The new website, designed by TreeFrogClick, features three essential components of website design: 1) It is attractive and functional, 2) it clearly explains and convinces, and 3) it makes it easy for viewers to contact the ministry and get involved.

The website scored a perfect 30/30 on the much-respected Website Grader for mobile compatibility. We at TreeFrogClick tweaked the code to work on various mobile devices as well as the desktop. We are proud to have helped HEAL in its important work of helping widows and orphans.

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