This graph shows a 39% increases in website visits after the launching of one of our new websites.

Case Study: Website visits peak 39% with mobile-friendly site design

Are you fearful that your Memorial Day travels this weekend will be hamstrung by long security lines at the airport?

It’s no secret that the TSA has recently caught an untold number of travelers in its sticky web.

And just like the procedure and software problems with this agency, your website might be causing TSA-like glitches for your visitors.

But unlike the airports, your visitors will just go to your competition to find what they want.

How to avoid TSA-like nightmares to make your website fly

Is your website five years or more old? Does it look frumpy or outdated, or not have the marketing functionality that you need?

If so, you might want to give it a body-check for any hidden digital bombshells.

We at TreeFrogClick recently redesigned a website for one of our clients. The old site was one of the static-page sites not suited for mobile viewing. We gave it a completely new makeover, revved up the engine with the popular WordPress platform, and let the tiger out of the cage.

As a result, web visits increased 39% when comparing the fifty days before the website launch, and fifty days afterward. There was no campaign to bring in more visitors, and there was no spike of web visits from any single source in the higher-volume period. We were more than happy to help this nonprofit.

Can we help you do the same thing?

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