Three important questions to ask about how to craft your branding

Is your business or non-profit branded around a company name, or around you?

In other words, in your ads, website, printed literature, do you emphasize you, or your company name?

Two people talkingThis is a good question for many small organizations. If you offer a professional service, such as that of a real estate agent, financial planner, or dentist, you probably want to place heavy emphasis on marketing yourself as a person.

Another factor is whether it takes a long-term relationship with the prospect before he buys. You’re not selling computer cables, are you?

A third question is, do your clients get your service by interacting with you, or with someone you hire? If it’s with you, that’s an indication that making your marketing more personal would be a good thing.

What do I mean by personal?

One marketing coach told the story in his newsletter of how he went to his child’s private school’s meeting that was a prelude to a fund-raising event. He was upset that they didn’t deliver a clear donation pitch right then and there to the crowd of wealthy parents.

Another writer tells the story of how he rented an apartment in a working-class area of a South American city so that his kids could see how the other half lives.

Each story illustrated some point they were trying to make. And they brought the writer’s personal feelings and beliefs into it.

Whatever it was, these stories and personal experiences drew the readers in, and showed that the person was a real human being with likes and dislikes.

It’s this kind of thing that separates your newsletters and Facebook posts from the masses of marketing material out there. And many of them have very good substance. But most don’t have that personal touch.

So, take a look at how your marketing material can draw others to the real you.

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