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knock-em-dead cheat sheet

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Facebook, a website, pay-per-click ads — what’s the best?

Are you confused as to the best way to use the Internet to market your business or non-profit? Are you the guy or gal who does the marketing, and do you dread it when the boss demands, “How’s that Facebook project coming along?

Do you cautiously say, “Um, well, I’m working on it,” and feel miserable and confused about it all? In fact, where do you start learning about it all?

You certainly don’t have a million bucks to do everything — and yet where can you get a balanced view of what’s most important?

Here’s a great starting point – a bird’s-eye view of the whole internet scene, neatly explained in a single page.

You can print our newly-updated cheat sheet and hang it in your office. This is a pithy collection of up-to-date insights on using social media for the best effect for your business or non-profit. It’s been culled from years of marketing experience and research.

And when you’ve looked at it, tell us on our Facebook page if you didn’t get a bevy of helpful tips from it!

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