Lemonade stand as a microcosm of all sales

Learn the fundamentals, which can be seen in a simple lemonade stand.

Ever buy a cool drink from a kids’ lemonade stand on a hot day?

The drink you buy from the child at the end of the block is a microcosm of every business transaction in the world.

You walk up to the tiny stand with the two smiling faces, maybe at the suggestion of your son or daughter, hand over a quarter and gulp down the refreshing liquid.

It’s simple, and yet this brief encounter encapsulates the entire universe of marketing — from advertising and technology to customer relations. It’s got it all there: sales, recommendation of a third party, need for the product, government regulation (or lack thereof), and an emotional connection with the seller. Like the DNA in a cell, the 25-cent purchase of that sugary fruit drink from the child holds the kernel of the most sophisticated business transaction in the world, whether it’s from Donald Trump or Mark Zuckerburg.

Other essential elements are here as well: The motivation of the kids, the energy and ideas needed to drag the table out to the sidewalk, the clumsily-made, misspelled sign that nevertheless gets the message across, and the appeal of the kid as salesperson.

Pay-per-click and social media can grow your business

Here at TreeFrogClick, we don’t just spit out copywriting, images and ads. We use these tools to build a systematic plan to bring in new customers and build relationships with them. Yes, it involves such methods as pay-per-click and social media. We go beyond that, and get to know your business or non-profit, the uniqueness of your service or product, and turn it into ways to reach new people, to make your product understandable and desirable.

And all that technical stuff, like mobile-friendly websites, click-through rate, good visuals, and SEO is important. But what you need are the timeless principles of good marketing.

Learn today about our pay-per-click work, as well as our social media.

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