There are probably as many jokes about lawyers as there are about used car salesmen. You could say a lot of critical things about a lawyer, but they wouldn’t apply to Shun Ravago. His full name is Joseph Shun Ravago, but friends call him Shun (pronounced Shawn).

Shun, one of our clients, received his law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and was admitted to the Illinois State Bar in 1998.

Now, law school is not kindergarten, mind you, but Shun, um, in his spare time, studied and passed his CPA exam in 1995. The CPA is more rigorous than passing the bar, Shun said.

So how did this hot-shot young lawyer get his start after graduating? He tells us his story:

I had many options after graduating law school, including the FBI, law firms and private corporations. After working at Arthur Andersen, I realized that I could use my experience and education to help the community. Many people asked me why someone with a law degree, CPA and a finance and accounting degree didn’t choose to work on Wall Street or another large firm.

Since 2000, I have been practicing law in the Filipino and Hispanic communities because I feel that I can use my God-given talents and blessings to serve clients who otherwise would not receive the same level of service because of the limited availability of experienced attorneys in these communities who actually practice in the community.

Our best wishes go out to this young, and generous attorney and his company, Ravago & Associates, LLC.

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