Our apologies if we haven’t returned your emails promptly this week — one of our clients, the Visitation Sisters, of Brooklyn, NY were interviewed on EWTN Catholic TV on Wednesday. When you get publicity on one of the largest TV networks in the U.S., you get busy.

How do you take advantage of such promotion? We’ve been throwing the net wide to capture the rising number of persons interested in this religious congregation after watching the one-hour interview. The show aired Wednesday, and the next day visits to the website of VisitationSpirit.org has jumped tenfold. Here’s what we did to make the best of this:

  • Put up the video interview on our client’s website the next morning.
  • Put links on the website’s home page to the embedded TV interview
  • Encouraged website visitors to sign up for the newsletter.
  • Made a full-page-width cover photo of the interview on their Facebook page.
  • Made Facebook page posts about the interview.
  • Ran Facebook pay-per-click ads announcing the show in advance, and afterwards telling others how to watch the show. We used demographic and interest targeting.

There’s a lot of new interest in this religious congregation now, and it has engaged existing users and friends. New people are signing up for the Sunday night “Live Jesus Chat Room.” We hope it gives them the boost that they need in their promotion efforts.

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