Mona Lisa

Poke yourself in the ribs

I’m sorry if you chuckle when I talk about getting a good mug shot. I’m betraying my journalism background.

If you’re running a business, you need a good picture of yourself. Please don’t use the one you took in your backyard, with your eyes squinting in the sun and the broken garage downspout in the background.

I spent a lot of time as a youngster carrying a camera around in high school, and spending long nights in my basement darkroom, which was of course the stone age of this art. In photography, lighting is everything. Well, almost everything. You say you don’t want to go to a professional portrait photographer? Well, then here are the three most important parts of every portrait:

  1. Nice smile, or at least a Mona Lisa smile
  2. Plain or uncomplicated background, like a plain wall. And no light source in the background like a window.
  3. Soft lighting, as inside next to a window.

Now, have someone take a few closeups. Natural light is best. Turn off the flash.┬áTry different shots, with your head turned this way and that, but always look at the camera. Get relaxed, and take different shots with varying degrees of smiling. If you’re the somber type, poke yourself in the ribs to make you laugh. Pick the photo that makes someone say “ahh.”

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